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One is never entirely satisfied with a store brought product, and that is where doodleblue steps in. Creating and customizing apps pushes the boundaries of a wearable’s capabilities and we are proud pioneers. For smart wearable app development company visit : or Contact: 9566162753 / 1(800)-758-9293



AirBnB’s Data Science University

doodleblue on why you need to know your customers via data

Data scientist is a fancy job title alright. But what is the depth of understanding that every company has, on the everyday data they acquire from the various data tools?

You need a data scientist or a solid course on data science to strategize the collection, storage, usage and interpretation of data.

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AirBnB Teaches Data Science


Data University is AirBnB’s effort to make its workforce data literate.

Online courses were not providing tailor made courses so AirBnB went ahead and created their own bunch of courses with three levels of instruction for varying employee strata.Jeff Feng, product manager on the analytics and experimentation team wishes to establish three best practices:


Design an accessible curriculum for everyone Work with leadership across the company to master the literacy expectations.

Find success measurement parameters.

Why data science?

Regardless of whether the company wants to conduct a statistical analysis or require the services, it is imperative to understand the nature and potential of the data that the company is dealing with.In most of the cases, organizations go for a recommender system, that analyses the demographics and purchase trends but ultimately the real power comes when this data is interpreted and followed to improve discount deals, marketing or even the user experience.In both cases a data strategy can save the day! No organization can get it’s data strategy on point at it’s initial stages itself and it is reason enough to consider it as an integral plan of product/service roadmap and business plan as well.

We at doodleblue believe that the ability to design a well researched data strategy is what distinguishes a quality data scientist from someone who is a data analyser.

Experience, presence of mind, research on case studies and a generous flow of imagination make a worthy data scientist who is well versed with reading customer behaviour from numbers and stats!


The Party Comes To an End – Amazon closes its unlimited cloud storage

March 2015 was a month to remember – Amazon pioneered the unlimited storage service and this started an avalanche of competitive strategies with Google following suit.


After two years of worriless cloud storage, Amazon is finally tightening the screws on those who have locked their data inside its vaults.


Read more as doodleblue compares and contrasts the major players in the unlimited cloud storage era.

Nothing lasts forever

Amazon’s absurdly affordable unlimited storage dream is touted as the greatest deal of all times and was unprecedented and remained unmatched through the two years.

For $60 per year, you could store as much as you could muster in your own Amazon cloud locker.

The industry standard is roughly $10 per month for 1 TB space, which is twice as much as what Amazon offered; instead of the all-you-can freewheel.

However, the best part is that, although Amazon closed its unlimited offer, it still is the cheapest, offering $60 per 1TB and extra $60 for every terabyte thereafter, upto 30 terabytes, which does paint the unlimited picture to us.

Comparing the big players with their offering for 1TB:


Apple was smart enough to gradually lower its pricing including a deep cut at this week’s WWDC developer’s conference!

As always, this drive is much useful in its ecosystem (purchased by you, of course).

This supports media files, calendar and notes across all your devices unless it is an Android, where support is not given.

Price: 2 TB maxed out, $120

Google Drive

Google Drive, for domestic purpose is the best option as it lets anyone store as many media files upto 16 MP and videos upto 1080 pixels resolution (wow) and the best part is, it’s for FREE.

Offering top notch real time collaboration and live edits gives maximum productivity of storage and usage of the files while in storage.

Price: 1 TB, $100 – Add ons range 10 TB for $100 per month, 20 TB for $200 and 30 TB for, duh! $300. Anything after that is pure exhibit of gluttony.

Amazon Cloud Drive

It is still cheap but not quite as cheap. An Amazon Prime member has unlimited photo storage at their disposal.

The vital question is how previous Amazon cloud owners will adapt to the stripped down interface. No extra features, sorry fiddlers!

Price: 1TB, $60 – Add on for 1 TB, $60 a year upto 30 TB – It is half of what you pay Google and the savings really come in handy!